A Colorblind Cop Gets To See Colors For The First Time


How often do you get to witness a moment when someone’s life changes?  A colorblind California sheriff’s deputy was given a pair of EnChroma glasses that allowed him to see color for the very first time. The glasses are expensive so his fellow deputies pitched-in to surprise him.  They were outside at a farm when they gave him the glasses and he immediately got his first look at all the colors of nature.  His first words were, “A different world.”[0]=68.ARDBZcr7vdY0c6S1-qDrVZcPJdLCS1gdC-zcNHXNmW4Mb9xWTW44KzOQMVnCtBn52e2v7fow2OEXU550yaEQ9mlTsG1ohhdIOHz6Q9MoPDiXvP-QjXj74f2waRMncBtMOkER9SX9tWvA45re6PFkB8LeZiKafqz0kH4nuS1heCvisMp_wzLwZSwW5PNcqhoFEPB6aeWh51PAnq1w9L3Q3sUbqKAIYhKuOQT7JseHHJpGA79WJGZC-YWMEk8LAEMEDkrqeQVW_YKy5X19NgFqtc5Cn0t3qarwiJF4PmRKdmJfsdZyQ7JaajwyGPjYcylg504Z9RNlSFkh_HZZjQMmAaHg4xPXCPPwr8v0dg&__tn__=-R