$10,000 Payday Begins!


Well it’s back!  The 10,000 Dollar Payday from the PowerLoon and our sister stations!  If you look for the tab on the top menu on this website you’ll find the portal to enter and possibly win 10,000 bucks!  The thing with the 10,000 Dollar Payday is that everyone that can use an extra 10 grand!  It doesn’t matter who your are…  from ditch digger to doctor… from drive through attendant to flight attendant…. from poverty to President…  it really doesn’t matter because everyone is going to say “sure, I can use an extra $10,000!

What we’ve noticed when it comes to qualifying on the 10,000 Dollar Payday is that everyone has their own ideas about what they might do with the money.  Some say they’re going to save it all for a rainy day, others pay the bills, others want to go on vacation.  The good thing about the money is that you can do any or all those things!  Once the money is yours you can spend it however you please!

If you’re at a loss as to what you could do with $10,000, here’s some ideas…

Upgrade the car

Upgrade the kitchen

Upgrade the the bathroom

Upgrade the boat

Tackle some new landscaping

Take 70 of your friends to Lakes Jam

Take 20 friends and fly round trip and visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Take your sweetheart to Paris and stay a few weeks!

Bottom line is you should enter, because if you don’t you can’t win!  Check the tab at the top of our home page and find a sponsor location near you!  Who knows?  This 10,000 Dollar Payday could be your payday!