What’s The Worst Quality a Co-Worker Can Have?

There’s a new survey that is out saying that the worst of the worst in working with someone is their negative attitude!  They conducted this survey with a great sample size!  20,000 employees in small, mid-sized and large public and private companies!  28 percent of respondents said that being negative in nature was the worst quality in a co-worker. That was followed by poor work ethic (26%), being entitled or arrogant (19%), taking credit for other people’s work (17%) and being disorganized and late (11%). Check out the full study overview here: (The Ladders)  Of course we all may want to take it to heart and adjust our thinking or behavior.  I think sometimes bad attitudes rub off on others.  So if you’ve been in that environment for a while, you might want to take a step back and take a peek at the way you’ve been acting.  I’m hoping for one exception though….. when I complain about 23 below zero that my co-workers don’t want to choke me.

Check out these moments from “The Office”… and then get back to work!

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