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Preventing Tickborne Disease

There is no doubt ticks are worse than ever this year. Add to that is the revelation of another tickborne disease right here in our own back yard. For the next couple weeks we’re going to provide some information on how help prevent contacting a tickborne disease. First off: Be aware of ticks. Blacklegged ticks (deer ticks) are found in …

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Disney The Happiest Place On Earth? The Brainerd Lakes Beats It In The Summertime

Those of us lucky enough to call the Brainerd Lakes Area home have just survived one of the coldest winters and wettest springs on record. Time to put away the resentment and move on to why many of us endure the harshness mother nature throws at us year after year.

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Kids Playing Baseball As A Tornado Looms In The Background

In case you haven’t seen this:  A woman in Iowa posted video of her son’s baseball team practicing WHILE a tornado is in the sky a mile or so away. People freaked out so she had to explain that it had just formed, it was moving the other way . . . and it disappeared quickly after the video ended. …

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