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New Tick Found In Northern Wisconsin, Could Change Your Eating Habits

As if we don’t have enough problems with new tick borne diseases right here in the Brainerd area, now our friends to the east have a whole other problem with ticks. A tick normally found in the southern U.S. has made its way to northern Wisconsin. And it could change what you eat forever. Health officials said the lone star …

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The Best News Bloopers From June

I found a 13-minute roundup of the best news bloopers from June. Some good ones include a reporter warning people to stay clear of venomous snakes, and then a fellow reporter mocking him for stating the obvious. A female anchor asks the forecaster if it’s going to be good barbecue weather, or “you gonnna have some wet meat out there?” …

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What Do Most People Do When They Can’t Sleep?

The ongoing joke with the Loon Morning Crew is “I’m tired–You tired?–I’m tired…”  Well it just so happens today that we found out what is making us all so tired?

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