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A Motorcycle Racer Pulls A Competitor’s Brake At 140 Miles-Per-Hour

Who would have thought motorcycle racers were this competitive?  An Italian motorcycle racer named Romano Fenati reached over and PULLED a competitor’s hand brake . . . while they were racing and going 140 miles-per-hour. The other racer wobbled a little, but didn’t fall. Fenati has apologized, but was still suspended by his team, and there’s talk that he may …

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The Beer Chair Everyone Should Own

Can’t think of a better way to relax and enjoy a cold one than with this unique lounge chair.  It also gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Arm Chair Quarterback’. Michigan carpenter, Matt Thompson started building these to raise money for the World Vision Charity Organization.  These chairs are a beautiful work of art, in more ways than …

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Paul McCartney Live From Grand Central Station Goes On YouTube

Bryan Adams

Wow!  Paul McCartney live at Grand Central Station  to launch his new album called Egypt Station.  We had heard it was coming, and the pre-promotion was out there on Carpool Karaoke, etc.  But when he decides to go big and stream the “secret” show live on YouTube…  that is just cool.  And of course as we say often on the …

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A Collection Of High Heel Fails

Total respect to all the ladies. I thank my lucky stars each day I don’t have to walk in high heels. Walking in them looks pretty tough…and this video proves it. It’s a collection of women losing the battle with gravity while walking in high heels. 11 Times Your Heels Totally Failed You Sometimes, heels are so not worth it …

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