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Everybody’s a Winner And A Loser In Latest Vikings/Packers Matchup

So I get off the air this morning after having talked about the Vikings vs Packers game and was getting settled into the rest of my day. And I get the question…”You did sports this morning right?  Can you explain that Vikes game?”  I said “everybody wants an explanation of that game!”. It starts with the fact that nobody won! …

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Power Loon Purple and Gold Predictions

Nothing wrong with a little friendly football rivalry, and what a perfect week to start the Power Loon Purple and Gold Predictions.  It’s the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, noon kick-off. Here we go …… Danny Wild: Minnesota 14 – Green Bay 10 – Close game.  Who’s this Aaron Rodgers I keep hearing about? Mac …

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A Cyclist Has a Dangerous Standoff With an Angry Rattlesnake

As a person who is terrified of snakes I could only watch this once.  A cyclist got stuck in some deep sand on a trail, and then realized he was inches away from a live rattlesnake.  He was able to get off the bike and pull out his phone without getting bitten.  The video starts as he and the snake …

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