Is It Okay To Rake My Lawn?

Well the time has come.  Do we or don’t we dare to rake our lawn without risking damage to the root system of our highly manicured grass…?

The answer is YES!  The experts say there are 3 factors to consider:

  • Is it really done snowing for the year?—-Yes (right?)
  • Is the ground now dry with no spots that are frozen?—Yes
  • Is the grass turning green?—- Yes

So that’s it!  Get out and ruin your throwing arm!  Get out there and make all those muscles you forgot about this winter feel the stretch of the spring season!  The beautiful thing is that yard waste is a free dump at the Crow Wing County Landfill!  Here’s a link to an article for a more in depth conversation on the subject line.

And check out this parody called “Raking the Lawn” that will have all Rock and Roll Rakers humming along.



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