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A Fitness Consultant And Her Pole-Dancing Fail

We haven’t seen a good pole dancing fail in a while, and this one qualifies.  A woman filmed her “fitness consultant friend” jumping on a portable dancing pole, but it wasn’t secure enough so it comes loose and they both hit the floor. Looks like she might’ve hurt her elbow, but probably not too badly because both of them spend the …

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The Best News Bloopers From February

The website News Be Funny posted a round-up of the top news bloopers from February.  Some good ones include a field reporter who completely blanks and says “um” several times as she tries to read her note There’s a reporter who says her kids, “will not be happy if we don’t get a good dump” . . .plus more.

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A Bus Passenger Chokes The Driver With Her Scarf

Apparently being a bus driver in China can be quite dangerous. Security video from inside a bus in China shows a woman standing behind the driver and arguing with him.  The bus isn’t moving.  Then she wraps her SCARF around his neck and starts CHOKING him. She stops after a few seconds . . . argues a little more . . . …

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