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The Best News Bloopers From May

The website News Be Funny posted some of the best news bloopers from May.  It features an anchor saying, “we tried to reach out to the man who died in the pursuit” . . . and a reporter forgetting the name of a woman in a very inspirational story. There’s also an eyewitness who’s going to wait out a traffic …

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Watch This Guy Destroy His Computer Keyboard

We’ve all had moments where we want to destroy or computers or accessories right? Somebody posted an eight-second clip of a guy taking his frustrations out on his computer keyboard.  He’s on a sidewalk and he smashes it against a pillar, and then throws it to the ground and walks away. Guy Smashes Keyboard When you're already doing a million …

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Road Rage, Starring A Tiny Old Man

We’ve seen our share of road rage videos, but this is the first time the person looks JUST like the old dude from the movie “UP” The video was shot by somebody in a car behind the incident, and it starts with the old guy approaching a minivan and pounding on the driver’s side window.  The van pulls away so …

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