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A Bad Lip Reading Of Major League Baseball

The Bad Lip Reading guys have a new video that looks back at the entire Major League Baseball season.  It opens with Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora saying, “Mama needs a new hip bone” . . . and off it goes. Other good ones include San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy begging for fudge . . . Houston Astros 5-foot-6-inch …

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Lady Melts Down Over Parking Situation At Home Depot (NSFW)

I’ve been involved in a few parking lot disputes in my day, usually pretty tame. This one not so much. This lady goes OFF on a guy who seems to be parked properly, but she doesn’t think so. Then goes about insulating him on everything she can from his vehicle to his manhood and everything else. I could see this …

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Cars Getting Hit By Two-Pound Metal Balls That Fell Off A Truck

A video has been making the rounds of cars getting dinged by hundreds of metal balls rolling down a Seattle street.  They’re pretty big too.  They’re two-pound metal balls that are used to grind down stones. They accidentally fell off a truck that was on a hill up the road.  Six cars were damaged, but no injuries were reported.   Metal …

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