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Watch Three Little Dogs Roust A Bear Out Of The Brush

You always wonder what the dog is barking at in the woods sometimes? Squirrel, rabbit, who knows? These dogs were up to something, and you’ll be surprised what came out of the brush. These are three very lucky dogs. Honey, I think the dogs are chasing the squirrels again Posted by David McDonald on Thursday, June 20, 2019

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A Bunch Of Guys Catch A Grandma As She Jumps Off A Roof

Somebody shot video of five beefy dudes catching a grandma as she jumps off the roof of a one-story house.  She doesn’t seem to be in too much danger, and there’s also a 20-something girl holding onto her shoulders and keeping her steady. Anyway, she snaps off the rain gutter on the way down, but lands safely in the guys’ …

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A Fight Breaks Out Between Parents At A Youth Baseball Game

A fight broke out between parents at a youth baseball game in Colorado last Saturday.  It started with an argument over a disputed call and before you know it, punches were thrown. By the time the police arrived between 15 and 20 adults were going at it.  It was so far out of control that the woman filming it started …

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