Loon Tube

A Car On Top Of A “Carrier Truck” Hits An Overpass

You know those car carrier trucks that are stacked with vehicles? Many times I’ve seen them cross under an overpass, and couldn’t believe they made it under. Well, a woman’s dash cam filmed a car on one of them hitting an overpass.  The car didn’t fall off, but a lot of it was destroyed.  Pieces were scattered all over the …

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Turkey Stops Traffic So Others Can Cross Safely

Some people think turkeys aren’t very smart. Well this gobbler has got some serious leadership skills. He basically stops both lanes of traffic somewhere in New Hampshire, and lets all the younger turkeys and hens cross. When they are finished he just calmly walks away and lets traffic proceed. Pretty amazing. Turkey Stops Traffic so Others can Cross Safely A …

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Watch How Fast This Crocodile Comes Running Out Of The Water

I guess if I knew there’s even the slightest chance a pond could house a fierce crocodile, I would avoid it, but that’s just me. This video has been racking up hits.  It’s a guy squatting next to a pond that’s covered in green algae. He’s also holding a large piece of fish or meat that he slaps on the water …

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