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A Bull Sends People Flying During A Game Of “Cowboy Pinball”

I cannot fathom why someone would volunteer to do this, but some did. There was a Bull Bash on Saturday in Owensboro, Kentucky . . . and one of the events was “cowboy pinball.”  That’s where people stand inside designated circles in the rodeo ring and try to grab a $100 bill that’s attached to a charging bull. Most of …

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A Snowboarder Tumbles While Jumping Off A Roof

With all the snow we have, I can see someone trying this. So, I thought I would post this to maybe make you think twice.  Some guy in Finland tried to snowboard off the roof of a small building, and things didn’t go as planned. He takes a huge tumble before getting to the edge, but gets himself UPRIGHT just enough …

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Is This An Indefensible Ping-Pong Shot?

A ping-pong player named Adam Bobrow has mastered a shot called “the snake” and it stops everybody he plays.  He gets down real low and puts a crazy spin on it so his opponents have no idea how it’s going to bounce once it hits the table.  He posted a video of himself taking down one opponent after another with …

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