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Bar Crowds Cheer The Strangest Things On TV

We’ve all been there. Bored at the bar and you just find yourself staring at whatever is on the TV. Heck, even at home I sometimes just watch the preview channel for hours on end. This though is special, because you get a whole crowd of people into watching probably the most boring thing possible, and making an event out …

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A Colorblind Cop Gets To See Colors For The First Time

How often do you get to witness a moment when someone’s life changes?  A colorblind California sheriff’s deputy was given a pair of EnChroma glasses that allowed him to see color for the very first time. The glasses are expensive so his fellow deputies pitched-in to surprise him.  They were outside at a farm when they gave him the glasses …

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Here Are The New Movies For The Thanksgiving Weekend

Well after you get your fill of turkey and all the fixins’, why not check out a new flick? Here’s what’s new this weeekend.   I’ll be at this one… Creed 2 (PG -13) Dolph Lundgren returns as Ivan Drago, the guy who killed Apollo Creed in “Rocky IV”.  He blames Rocky for his family being disgraced after he lost …

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