Michele Mulvany

Pick Your Poison, Cold or Snow?

According to the calendar, Spring is only 35 days away. In Minnesota we know that means absolutely nothing. March is the snowiest month for us, and we’ve already received well over two feet of snow this season. Not to mention the cold, right? For most of us, we ask the age old question, why do we live here? It must …

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MnDOT 511 Travel Information

Stay safe out there my friends, and slow down. Seems like every winter we all need to be reminded, even halfway through the season, to use our winter driving skills. Everything from having our lights on, to slowing down, and probably most importantly allowing enough distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. It never fails, every snow …

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Cool Deep Freeze Experiments

We could just curl up on the couch with a mound of blankets and our favorite Netflix series or a good book and call it good. But, why not have a little fun outdoors as we survive another Minnesota winter? Here’s some really cool experiments you can try, and you never know, you just might enjoy them. Freeze A Bubble …

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