Danny Wild

Grandma Flees Her 14th Floor Apartment (Must See Video)

Those of us that have had parents or grandparents that have struggled with memory loss will have special empathy for this Grandma.  The family in this situation had locked Grandma in her apartment for her own safety. However, they had not thought about how feisty their granny was!   The daring grandmother in her 80’s was seen climbing ten stories down …

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$10,000 Payday Begins!

Well it’s back!  The 10,000 Dollar Payday from the PowerLoon and our sister stations!  If you look for the tab on the top menu on this website you’ll find the portal to enter and possibly win 10,000 bucks!  The thing with the 10,000 Dollar Payday is that everyone that can use an extra 10 grand!  It doesn’t matter who your …

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