Danny Wild

Danny’s Nephew Signs to Play Hoops at NDSU

Okay, I’ll tell you right away that I’m proud of my nephew Noah Christensen.  So this is a little bit of a brag. (Like I really had anything to do with it).  This week my nephew Noah Christensen of Breckenridge, MN signed to play basketball for North Dakota State University in Fargo. The Bison have been a dominant force in …

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There’s An App Now To Help You Get That Six Pack of Abs

Whether you’re member of the “Good Lookin’ Fat Man’s Club” or you simply want to add a little shine to your profile pic, this app may be for you! We talked about it this morning that most people are just giving up on a healthy lifestyle for 2018 and aiming at 2019, so perfect timing for the app called Manly …

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Minnesota Named To ’10 Most Boring States In America’

We live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We love our lives here full of family, the great outdoors, the four seasons, the great economic environment, the excellent education system…. We love it all! But what if you’re on the coast and looking for career opportunities?” Evidently they think we’re boring!! Here’s an outtake from the …

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