Brian Moon

Where To Buy A Deer Hunting License In Morrison And Aitkin Counties

We hope you’re looking forward to the start of firearms deer season that begins a half-hour before sunrise on Saturday, Nov. 3. We’re expecting a good season overall, with deer numbers up in many parts of the state – mild winters and conservative regulations have helped boost the population. Deer season is steeped in tradition as we gather together to spend …

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Where To Buy A Deer Hunting License In Crow Wing And Cass Counties

The Minnesota firearms deer season starts Saturday and runs through November 11th, or later depending on where you are hunting. Are you ready? You probably have your rifle sighted in, plenty of ammo, snacks and beverages bought, and warm clothes all packed. Just don’t forget to buy your license. Here’s a list of ELS stations from the Minnesota DNR website …

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Two Cars Playing Seesaw on an Elevated Platform

I couldn’t confirm where this video is from, but one of the Facebook comments says it’s Taiwan.  It’s a video of two cars on a giant seesaw contraption. One car backs it’s way up and onto the platform, and the other car follows so they end up nose-to-nose. And just like kids playing seesaw, the platform dips to one side …

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