Brian Moon

Road Rage, Starring A Tiny Old Man

We’ve seen our share of road rage videos, but this is the first time the person looks JUST like the old dude from the movie “UP” The video was shot by somebody in a car behind the incident, and it starts with the old guy approaching a minivan and pounding on the driver’s side window.  The van pulls away so …

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Viking Kyle Rudolph Gets Four-Year, $36 Million Extension

With free agency and the salary cap in the NFL these days, the mantra is “you can’y pay everybody”. Well the Vikings are sure trying. They just signed tight end Kyle Rudolph to a four year $36 million dollar extension. Rudolph announced the deal himself on Twitter, but the terms of the contract were not known. The tight end was …

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An Adorable “Conversation” Between A Dad And A Toddler

This is so awesome. A video has gone viral of a dad having a “conversation” about a TV show with his toddler son who hasn’t learned how to talk yet. They’re both on the couch and it looks just like a real discussion, except the kid isn’t using words, and may not know what his dad is talking about.  But …

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