A Prickly Situation

There are lots of road hazards.  But it’s safe to say that I’ve never seen this before.  I’ve been involved in multiple car accidents in my lifetime.

Once I lost control of my dad’s classic Mercedes Benz and ended up in a plowed field after bouncing off a gravel road that had a little too much loose gravel. Once I was with friends and we hit black ice and rolled a 1976 Chevy Silverado.  Once I had my brakes completely fail in my 1948 Ford 5 passenger coupe…. needless to say I rear ended someone on a busy street.  And I’ve been  on the receiving end, having been hit from behind while in my 1965 Ford Galaxie (pre headrest days–so massive whiplash).  I’ve even been hit as a pedestrian while crossing the street in a downpour in downtown Brainerd.

But I’ve never seen this.  The cops said alcohol was involved.  This guy needs to thank the good Lord! He got a drunk driving charge out of it and was charged with criminal damage.  As Mac would say…..Nice….

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