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DNR Reminds Us To Check Our Docks For Invasive Species

No matter how much you try and tell yourself that we have more Summer coming, the dates on the calendar continue to change. With that in mind the Minnesota DNR sent a press release that reminds us all about check out our docks, lifts and trailers as they come out of the water this fall for invasive species.

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A Politician Is Giving An Interview About A Pigeon Poop Problem . . . And A Pigeon Poops On Him

Well, at least this politician has proof he wasn’t lying. A guy named Jaime Andrade is an Illinois state rep from Chicago.  And he was giving an interview to the local CBS station yesterday at a train stop about how he’s trying to get funding to fight the PIGEON POOP epidemic at that stop. And as he was talking on …

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A Fist Fight Spanning Multiple Rows At A Twins Indians Game

A fight broke out in the stands at the Cleveland Indians game on Saturday, and somebody got it on video.  Guys were throwing punches and jumping on top of each other.  A security guard got roughed-up too. The scariest part was when they started tumbling down several rows . . . and they were so HIGH up that going over …

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